The Joy of Receiving

It is an indisputable fact that quilters are among the most generous people in the world.

Quilters love to quilt, and once they’ve filled their own homes with warm fabric hugs, they look around to see whom else might benefit from the work of their hands.  Children in foster care, war veterans, nursing home residents, cancer patients, grieving spouses, those displaced by war or natural disasters, and many other sad and needy people are regular recipients of what quilters call “charity quilts.”

But, quilters also make quilts to commemorate happy events such as weddings, births, and anniversaries.  When our first child was born at our local hospital, we were able to choose a quilt from among several that had been donated for new babies.  What a blessing!

There are A LOT of quilters out there making A LOT of quilts…and what do they all have in common?



All the fabric that gets cut into all those smaller pieces to be sewn back together again to form new and interesting patterns…all that cutting creates SCRAPS!  And, if you’re a prolific quilter, you’re going to generate a lot of scraps.  What to do with it all?  Well, make scrap quilts, of course…unless you really just want to buy new and interesting fabric and generate even more scraps!

About a year ago, I discovered I had a passion for working with scraps, but my personal fabric supply lacked the variety I needed to bring my ideas to life.

What to do?

I put the word out.

I asked my mom to let her quilting friends know that I’d be willing to take their cast-offs, and ever since then, their generosity has not failed.  (See indisputable fact, above.)


It really is a win-win.  Having a lot of scraps lying around can produce, in some people, a feeling of guilt…a feeling that they “should” do something with all those left-over pieces, but what?  They really just want to move on to something new.  By handing their remains over to me, the pressure is gone, and I get to play with a wild variety of color and pattern.


Having access to such fabric diversity is a constant inspiration.  Each bag I have the pleasure of sorting through yields new and interesting combinations and my pile of project ideas grows.  I don’t think it will ever grow old.

What inspires you?  Tell me in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by the Hollow.


Kristine Zerby